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How to Keep the Granite Floors of your Home as Perfect and Polished as New?

Written By: - Jun• 16•15

When we go on a furnishing spree for our house, we often overlook the long-term effects that our efforts might have. Many a times, we buy certain things for enhancing the interior décor but neglect the needs for maintaining its beauty in the long run. When we perceive that in the long run and try to make sure it keeps looking nice, we ultimately end up spending more than the cost price!

It is thus necessary to furnish home only after being well aware of the items. For example, if we want to cover our floor with granite, we must be aware of the granite fabrication tools that will make sure they keep clean and glowing. Of course, knowing about maintenance of granite floors is no rocket science, but often, we tend to ignore the details about things which we think are not so difficult, thereby risking ourselves to last minute hitches. It is thus a safe game to go for granite floors once you have asked yourself these questions:-
Are polishing kits for granites easily available at affordable prices?
Can we get these kits online or at nearby stores?
Are there DIY videos so that one can do the maintenance on her/his own?

The world of online shopping makes it sure that granite polishing kits are available easily even in the remotest of places. It is important because many of us choose to select a serene and quiet place for making or buying a home, rather than amidst the hustle and bustle of cities The best part, one would know if explored, is that for domestic deliveries, most of the online shopping websites do not charge a shippingfee. Even for overseas orders, delivery charges are free above orders of $100 or so, although the value may vary from one to another.
In order to buy granite tools for sale, it is better to know a few nitty-gritties about their content and usage. The kits have certain specifications that define their suitability for use on various types of granites, and not only should their prices be the deciding factor. If so, one might end up choosing a wrong kit that may not serve the purpose to the fullest, or in fact, may damage them permanently. One must thus be aware of:-

The grit- this defines the coarseness of the diamond abrasives impregnated in a resin base. The available grits vary from 50, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1500 and 3000 to 6000 buff

The size- the size of the granite polishing pads play a major role. While the bigger ones are preferred for polishing large and flat areas, the smaller ones are more effective for narrow sections and edges. The sizes are available as 3”, 4”, 5” and 6”.

The nature of stone- it is essential to know whether it is granite that is to be polished or the softer stones like marble, terrazzoFind Article, travertine or concrete.

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