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Biography of Darren Roberts Former CEO of AVN Media Network, Inc.

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Darren Roberts was born October 8, 1968, to a proud family of entrepreneurs. Perhaps it is no surprise, then, that Roberts grew up to be a successful entrepreneur himself. Interestingly, he started his first business at only age 11 – a knife sharpening service, catering to customers in his very own neighborhood. When he wasn’t sharpening knives, he spent his weekends and summers assisting his father with the family recreation business. When he grew up, he attended college for business and creative design in Pasadena, CA, receiving a degree in Graphic Design and Visual Communications from the Pasadena Art Center College of Design.

Darren Roberts took his business and design success and expanded his roots in the publishing field. Through a partnership with a small publisher in Pasadena, he was able to produce his first two titles at a young age: Shopping for Real Estate and Taste of Pasadena, both advertising driven magazines that were freely distributed. He was later able to take the knowledge he gained in the publishing industry and apply it to his work with AVN Media, Inc. But how did he involved with AVN Media in the first place?

In 1995, he helped form Alchemy Communications, through a partnership with former Spice Network owners Jack Gallagher and Nolan Quan. A web-based citywide shopping network, the offices of Alchemy Communications just happened to be located inside the complex of VCA – one of the largest adult video companies in the world. Though there was some turmoil and disagreements among his partners at Alchemy regarding Roberts’ entrance into the adult space, he received support from VCA writer and director Tony Lovett and was able to form a business plan that ended up taking VCA’s unique content to a new level. An ancillary organization was formed in 1996 and it became an adult web-based empire, with gross revenues reported (though unconfirmed) to exceed $10 million per month. Because of his involvement with this venture Roberts was eventually led to his AVN Media Network, Inc.

AVN Media Network, Inc is recognized as a global leader among brands in the adult entertainment industry. Clearly Roberts’ entrepreneurial spirit began at a young age, but it didn’t stop there. He was introduced to Paul Fishbein, founder of AVN Magazine in 1996, through a mutual friend, an introduction that would later become a close friendship and long-term business partnership. Darren Roberts’ innovative vision and dedication to AVN Magazine took it from a four-page monthly newsletter for adult entertainment retail buyers, to the successful company known today as AVN Media Network, Inc., which produces a wide variety of integrated media including: trade magazines, print and web products, conferences and awards shows.

Though now retired, and living in West Hills, CA with his girlfriend, son and daughter, Roberts is still considered one of the most trusted consultants in the adult entertainment industry.

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