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What Is the Difference between Black Coffee and White Coffee

Written By: - Mar• 31•15

Coffee lovers across the world are enjoying a new taste in coffee which was developed over fifty years ago. For the last 10 years the demand for white coffee has been on the rise and coffee shops and restaurants are offering their customers a taste of this legendary brew. The Old Town Coffee has been receiving great approval because of the different combinations it offers in white coffee category.

History of White Coffee:

The owners of -Lian Thong’, an old traditional Chinese coffee shop in Ipoh, Malaysia were the first people to develop white coffee. They came up with this unique and aromatic white coffee blend after many years of research and testing. -Lian Thong’ was the first restaurant to serve white coffee to its customers who instantly took to its aromatic and lingering taste. Ever since, the demand for white coffee has moved from Malaysia to several other countries. Coffee producers too are seriously catering to the rising demand for white coffee across the world by selling white coffee through online stores and retail outlets. What Is the Difference between Black Coffee and White Coffee?

Black coffee and white coffee are produced from the same species of coffee beans, such as the Arabica and Robusta. The difference lies in the way these coffee beans are processed. For the traditional black coffee, the coffee beans are roasted with margarine and sugar for a variable period of time, depending upon the desired brew color and strength. For the white coffee, the coffee beans are roasted only with margarine for a short period of time. The absence of sugar during roasting is what keeps the coffee beans from getting the dark color and hence it gets the term -white coffee’. White coffee is brewed for a short period of time unlike in black coffee blends. The color of white coffee is much lighter and caffeine content higher. Where to Buy White Coffee Beans?

White coffee is a specialty product and is not so widely available. It is available only in select coffee roaster companies, coffee shops and online stores selling exclusive coffee beans. Therefore, the best place for you to pick up a pack of white coffee beans is from a reputed online store.

Old Town Coffee offers coffee lovers many variations in white coffee, such as Old Town 2 in 1 coffee and creamer, Old Town Coffee 3 in 1 classic, Old Town Coffee 3 in 1 Hazelnut, etc.

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