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Written By: - Dec• 14•14

The Vtiger Customer Portal is an add -on on screen Vtiger CRM software that allows customers to submit tickets for all product issues through vendor websites. The portal organizes the inputs and allows customer to choose the tickets and get on with customers. This article will tell you how to access the Vtiger Customer Portal.

Vtiger CRM Module MailChimp Sync Sync List Chimp Mail drivers, contacts and accounts vtiger CRM modules. You can easily synchronize , edit, save and manage your contacts and mail chimp list VTiger administrator. MailChimp VTiger 5.4 is stable and currently available at our store. MailChimp integration for future Vtiger version 6.0 ( 5.10) is also available on our live demo and sale takes place until version 6 is out.

Vtiger CRM MailChimp Sync is a simple yet powerful module for vtiger CRM premium to synchronize your account MailChimp Email Marketing Software. Built VTiger MailChimp Module provides access to connect, manage and sync your mail chimp to vtiger CRM without having to change the other. Saves a lot of time, effort and makes it easy to handle both data. Smack VTiger plugin uses MailChimp MailChimp API to synchronize their email Chimp to and from vtiger CRM Leads, Contacts and Accounts connector modules as a two – way. There are many advantages with a rich set of features like

Mail Chimp Sync your leads, contacts and accounts. Field Mapping List your leads, contacts and accounts as you want. Send and receive all changes to data such as contacts , etc. list manually. Module with rich experience user friendly UI Easy to install . Easy to configure. Well guided step by step documentation quick shots Suites with highly VTiger environment.


Option to map fields between MailChimp for conductors, contacts, accounts in vtiger CRM as a template.

Option to set as the default template and mapped for future synchronizations You can sync MailChimp drivers or contacts or accounts or all three settings with MailChimp.

Options list with the same name SYNC.

Send changes to MailChimp.

Get updates from MailChimp.

Get New MailChimp lists.

Vtiger MailChimp Map fields to avoid mismatches.

Change the story as any of added, updated, subscribed, unsubscribed, retirees are updated in the Comment section contacts.

To reassign and synchronize data.

User friendly interface, simple and efficient module.


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