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Understanding Kolbe

Written By: - Apr• 25•15

I remember the day when I first took Kolbe ATM Index. I was excited because my coach told me that the insights will be invaluable and I will never be the same person as I was before. So I did it. As excited as I was, I started to read through the results and -bum! All I could see was this is who I am, but I want also THAT- How can I do it all,

be it all, how can I improve? Fast forward couple years later, I am coaching clients who are at the same place where I used to be. They don’t understand their Kolbe ATM results, they try to improve the areas where they don’t have strengths and they feel frustrated about being themselves. If you ever wondered how to understand Kolbe ATM Index, here are couple core principles you need to know about in order to get the most out of your result.

1. Kolbe ATM is NOT a personality test! Personality tests cover affective area – your motivation, your beliefs and desires, what your strengths and weaknesses are, where you can improve. But Kolbe doesn’t measure personality. Kolbe measures your conative strengths – how you take action. It shows you who you are, what are your natural strengths, talents and instincts. It shows how you perform your best and create your best results.

2. Kolbe ATM measures your strengthts. If something is weak, it means that you can strengthen it. Yet, it’s impossible to change your instincts. Kolbe measures your instincts, your natural drive, natural flow of energy, your strengths. Kolbe ATM Index reveals what you’re good at, where you should focus your energy and how it shows in your performance.

3. Kolbe ATM makes us all equal. One of my favorite things about Kolbe is that it makes us all equal. We all have ONE strength in each of the four action modes. We all have FOUR strengths, nobody has or can have more. You can’t resist and initiate change at the same time. You can’t simplify and specify at the same time. You will naturally go toward one and avoid the other. Kolbe gives us freedom to act and create the results in our own unique way.

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