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Top 5 Catering Companies in the Philippines

Written By: - Sep• 22•15

Catering is a popular service normally hired for formal occasions such as for weddings. The Philippines is one of the many countries known to offer some of the best and professional catering services. Here are some of those:

Tamayo’s Catering Tamayo’s Catering is considered as one of the most highly-recognized catering company in the Philippines today. It was founded by its current owner, Mr. Steve Tamayo, in the 1990′s in which the company was incorporated in 1998 as a step to accommodate its growth in the catering industry in the Philippines. And like other catering companies in the Philippines, Tamayo’s Catering services also include full event organization, from serving food to organizing the event, from motif, lighting, and sound system.

Hizon’s Catering Considered as the oldest and among one of the first catering service in manila, Hizon’s Catering is as popular and as recognized as Tamayo’s Catering. Founded in 1987, Hizon’s Catering had now become as one of the most sought after catering service in the country.

Other than just their food services, Hizon’s Catering had also specialized in providing event coordination and consultation, giving their clients the luxury of making use of their experiences to host a memorable event, particularly for formal events such as in weddings.

Robert Camba Catering Services Robert Camba is another prominent name in the catering industry in the Philippines. Like Hizon’s Catering, Robert Camba Catering Services was established in 1989, two years after Hizon’s Catering was established. And since its foundation, Robert Camba Catering Services had grown more successful, particularly in today’s modern trends in which catering companies had become in-demand in the Philippine market.

Josiah’s Catering Josiah’s Catering was founded by the Verzosa family which started as a hobby that grew to become as one of the largest catering companies in the Philippines. The company is also one of the first catering companies in the Philippines, which started in the 1980′s. And for 20-years of excellence in food-service and event coordination, Josiah’s Catering had become an icon in catering in manila

CVJ Catering

Owned and managed by CVJ Food Corporation, it has quickly grown as one of the recognized catering companies in the Philippine market. Today, CVJ Catering is considered as one of the rising catering companies which can offer not only food service, but also full-event coordination.

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