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The Grand Plan

Written By: - Jul• 26•15

The Grand Plan is an upcoming 2015 American action Science-Fiction film. The film will be produced by Gilt Entertainment of Palm Springs, California, USA.

The script has been written by Romanian screenwriter Cociarjuc Viorel, with co-writer Marlene Mendoza, the latter is CEO and producer of Gilt Entertainment.

Marlene has 25 years of experience in casting, marketing, film finance, business consultant, film productions, developing marketing management strategy, sales, advertising techniques for reality TV, film and other media, including mentoring, business consulting & public relations. Besides running her own independent film development company Gilt Entertainment, she also heads her own talent management company with clients worldwide. She is presently a Music Producer of the talented Agniya Trovami a beautiful Russian singer living in Germany. They’re open to major music co-production to take it to the next level.

Gilt Entertainment is an independent global film development, high end story and production company. They have a strong diversified presence in motion picture production, and digital distribution for home and family entertainment. They provide production, business consulting, marketing director, and talent management services. They have also a blueprint for growth that combines the flexibility and entrepreneurial culture of an independent with financial and strategic relationships worldwide.

Their promise is to create stories with substance, and give creative freedom to actors and filmmakers along with a share in their profits.

The mission statement for the company will be to put ethics first and foremost within their global teams, in marketing research, preparation, writing, interviewing, presenting, development and production of the product or service.

Their newest venture that Marlene Mendoza co-wrote with Viorel Cociarjuc called “The Grand Plan” is a sci-fi /action film with Marlene Mendoza, producing for the Sci-fi Channel.

The Grand Plan – Synopsis

A man is sent into Big Bang, by God, to place an advanced script, called Earth. “The Grand Plan” is the story of Arthur Williams, a man who thinks everything’s in vain. Everything changes, when he finds out an evil man is looking for him.Robert, the one responsible to bring Arthur safe into a secure location, tells Arthur he’s in great danger. Arthur follows Robert, and meets up with the team assembled by Evan. Arthur meets Karen, a beautiful woman, and with Jason, a crazy scientist.

Knowing of his grandfather expedition in Turkey, Arthur discovers, his grandfather had a message written in his DNA, due to his expedition in Turkey.The message was submitted further, into Arthur’s father, who died into a plane crash, and ultimately into Arthur’s DNA.The message mention the location of the Secret of Secrets.

Charles, the villain of the story, tries also to find the location, and in the end, the group arrive beyond the bottom of the Pacific ocean, where they found out, that every single thing happened in the Universe, was thought of, before the Universe born.They discover they are living into a limited space, with limited ideas.

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