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Reasons Why I Can’t Access Facebook

Written By: - Aug• 27•15

When I began my new occupation I’d a serious difficulty – boredom, there simply wasn’t enough work to do That doesn’t seem overly terrible, but it was over a night-shift and there was almost no one else to speak to./p>

The employment included switching computer cassettes and discs onto a vintage mainframe. It was the sort of machine that cost millions years ago, and nobody seemed to want to update it. The total amount of work changed but sometimes I’d go for an hour or 2 without doing anything. It had been sometimes quite difficult with the hum of airconditioning and the server room making it even more difficult to remain awake.

My manager would not have minded me completing the hours by surfing the internet maybe browsing Facebook but sadly it was all blocked. This was to cease the day staff from wasting their days, but regrettably it then applied to me also.

I found how it had been blocked, it was through a small apparatus called a content filter which also looked inside the content for just about any requests and halted accessibility to the Face publication URL. This meant that only bouncing the request from a proxy server would not work either as the content filter would see the request in the packet.

The trick I discovered was to make use of a blend of methods, first you needed to use a proxy to relay your request to Face Book or the blocked site. Second you had to use some sort of encryption so that the content filter could not read the contents of your petition. In this case it’dn’t see any reference of Facebook and hence allow the request.

It operates in pretty much the same manner everywhere, even in those states which are sometimes obstructed from accessing sites like Fb. Actually on a nation grade the filtering is much less sophisticated and easier to circumvent.

They did therefore by uncomplicated DNS poisoning, when Turkey lately blocked access to Twitter. That means that when you request the internet protocol address of Twitter, you were given a bogus one from the ISPs DNS servers, which instead routed you through into a Government composed page. Or you can definitely avoid using others pop in a hosts file and resolve the addresses manually and DNS servers to some extent. But regrettably most corporate networks are marginally more advanced than that.

Anyhow you can locate these types of applications but regrettably they are fairly expensive to operate so I didn’t locate any free types. Everything you need though is a proxy/VPN service which permits a degree of encryption – it additionally needs to be quick as encryption adds a small overhead.

free variant of a complex security applications to bypass blocks and filters that stop you getting Face Book. Here’s another -

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