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Pinoy Entrepreneur – Rads Sy

Written By: - Oct• 26•15

Pinoy Entrepreneur – Rads Sy

Rads Sy is considered to be one of the successful Filipino entrepreneurs. He is amongst the top most distributors of Resensa Green Iced Tea, direct marketing company and the flagship product of Harmonde. These days Rads works for sometimes, maybe for four hours in a day and it has been reported that he usually works via cell phone for doing the business. It is known that he usually helps his wife in teaching the kinds under a home study program and spends quality time with his family. It has been reported that his wife will give birth to the third child and they will move to the big house.

On the family background, he was second among four kids and he was supported by his dad who was a banker and his mother was a private secretary. Unfortunately, both of them got separated after some years of their marriage. Rads admitted that he was into drugs and crimes before he actually got serious into his business. Because of these reasons, he was thrown out of the house by his family members. Because of his visions and motivation to do well in his life, he could become the successful person. He made his name in distribution of products and network marketing.

He feels that the only thing required in product distribution and network marketing is the sheer determination and some hours of hard work. He also believes that this has provided the hope and enlightenment to the person like him who did not have much in his life, not even any diploma or college degree. However, in year 1990, he studied network marketing and product distribution for four months. He started as a local distributor end eventually ended up starting his own chains of friends and acquaintances that have helped grow his business. He came out with the strategy that the product distribution and network marketing is more than earning money. It is all about helping others before making money. This is because of the reason that unless people are not happy with you, your business will not grow. The products offered by his company are helping people in many ways.

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