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Nelson Mezerhane Miami Has a Positive Business Outlook

Written By: - Mar• 15•15

Nelson Mezerhane Miami is a dedicated businessman with years of experience under his belt. He is a hard worker who has always shown an unwavering conviction to continue on, to incorporate new investment in a period of social, ethical and professional and personal perseverance. He is a seasoned entrepreneur who believed in the potential of Venezuelan economy. Nelson takes risks and participates in the various areas of the country’s economy with a clear objective to generate welfare, progress and profitability in all endeavors. He is believer of the highest moral and ethical values necessary to generate the momentum that economy requires.

In the -90s, when many deserted to the uncertainty, Nelson Mezerhane Miami decided to expand his domestic and foreign investment, create jobs and business opportunities in a country that called for greater involvement of the Venezuelan business. He made important investments in what he always called renewable natural resource of land: its people and natural landscapes. His major investments included tourism, communications sector, automotive, real estate, oil, mining and services. He insists that all employers are required to drive change and utilize solutions that help to create more employment opportunities, wealth, progress and prosperity for all Venezuelans. He also urged his colleagues to support the business leaders. Nelson is recognized for his excellent entrepreneurial skills and the undying sincerity to continue on in every circumstance.

Nelson Mezerhane Miami was granted recognition as “Entrepreneur of the Year” as a part of the Annual Assembly LXIV Fedecamaras. On earning this distinction, he expressed his identification with the business association and their willingness to work. He has always remained optimistic, no matter how difficult the circumstances are. He continues to work as a faithful representative of the business association. He said that he was fortunate to lead a group of companies and is the President of the Group of Companies Mezerhane and Federal Financial Group. He has been ranked by his peers, competitors, friends as well as associates as a hard worker and a visionary. To know more about business works of Nelson Mezerhane, please browse through .

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