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MLM Mentors – Characteristics Of A Bad Mentor

Written By: - Apr• 20•15

An important element for success in network marketing is a good mlm mentor.

For years, I have been teaching others that the mentor you work with can have more to do with your success than your company’s compensation plan, the product or products the company distributes, or even the particular mlm business you promote. A good mentor is that important!

As a full-time networker, I talk to many others in our industry each week. It’s surprising how many networkers have a poor mentor. I am the first to acknowledge that ultimately we are all responsible for our own success or failure. But, for many in the industry, just working with the right mentor could make the difference between success and failure.

Sadly, most networkers don’t check out how good a mentor is until after they join a business. Take some time and review the mentor you work with. Here are some benchmarks of a bad mentor. Compare these with your mentor.

Always too busy to help you right now. Not good about returning your phone calls in a timely manner, or not returning them at all. Doesn’t seem to know how to help you build your business. Does not have a system for you to follow. Trying to make money off their downline by selling them tools, training materials, or leads. Their answer to your lack of progress is always buy more leads, work harder, or similar vague answers. Failing to follow through on promises. Making false representations. When you Google their name, others have reported bad experiences. Their personality is not that of a leader.

If you are already building an mlm and find that your mentor does not measure up, you should take immediate action. If you continue to follow the path you are already on, your chances of reaching your goals will be poor.

If you have already built a downline and are earning good money in spite of things, look to your upline for someone to work with. Keep contacting people upline from you until you find the right mentor. One of the things that I really like about network marketing is that taking the time to help others is rewarded. Leaders in your upline have a financial interest in your success.

If you have not built a significant business yet, it may be best to cut your losses and find a new mentor in a different business. Learn from your experiences with this mentor. You will know better what to look for next time.

A good mentor can impact your success more than anything else. Be sure to find a good MLM mentor.

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