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Written By: bigproject - Jun• 28•16

Things To Remember When Buying Your First Remote Control Planes So, you’ve finally made a decision that you like to fly a remote control plane and now, you are wondering where you should start. By reading this article, you are going to discover some important things that must be considered when buying your very first RC plane. Whenever possible, the plane should be designed to be stable while it’s airborne. It must fly slowly so by that, it can give you enough time to react in case that something unexpected happens. It is important for the plane as well to have straightforward and easy to control. It needs to be durable and sturdy so if you crash it by accident, it will be able to survive the impact and fly it again. Almost always the first choice that you must make is to whether you have to buy a ready assembled model or start with a build it yourself kit. In most instances, people who are just starting with an RC plane like to get to flying as quick as possible and so for them, an RTF or Ready to Fly plane is the more ideal. Pre-assembled planes also give instant gratification that beginners are craving. It has also become easier and convenient to get to air and buy models where you don’t have to attach the wings on your own. Meaning, you can fly the plane straight out of the box.
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The next important thing that you have to take into mind is the airplane’s design. Beginner’s plane as what said earlier ought to be stable in the air, easy to control and durable. As a matter of fact, there are 2 major types of design for such aircraft that can offer this level of stability. The high wing plane design is one of which where the wing is attached at the top of fuselage, giving it more stability.
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The electric powered glider is the other option. Such glider is naturally stable while in the air as they fly slowly and give you more time to think of the next thing you should do while flying. They are also a bit bigger compared to other remote control planes, which gives the benefit to see it clearly even in far distance. On the other hand, the size they have also means that they might not be the most convenient RC plane that you can have. The last thing that you need to take into consideration is the number of channels that the plane has. A plane with 4 channels is the best that you can have as the channel refers to the controllable functions of plane.

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