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Can I Be Removed from the Megan’s Law Registry?

If you’re charged with child sexual assault, a conviction can lead to prison time, lifetime parole and, most seriously, registration on the sex offender registry known as Megan’s Law. Registration on this list severely restricts your life, including limits on where you might work or live. Your photograph may even be posted online in an […]

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Three Ways To Tell A Bogus Leader From A Real One!

Here are three scenarios that set up the distinction between REAL leaders and those in title/pay grade only. (1) As the dialing-for-dollars starts with the upcoming U.S. elections, one sits back and looks in amazement at the shrill voices, the accusations, and the pettiness among far too many seeking the highest position in this country. […]

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What is EMV and what does October 2015 deadline mean for my business?

As you know, Netcom PaySystem recently announced that many of our payment solutions will now incorporate EMV payment capability. This means that merchants will now have devices that are EMV capable – delivering the latest in fraud prevention technology. Starting, October 2015, all of U.S. merchants will have a liability shift for chargeback protection if […]

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How to Get What You Need to Succeed in Your Home Business

We do have experience. Just because the Internet or marketing business may be new to us, does not mean total novice “newbie” personally or professionally. It doesn’t mean that we do not have the ability to learn what to do to make it work if there does happen to be areas that we may be […]

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SSSTS Training: Training Courses on Safety for Workers

The safety training for workers is a starting point for a mandatory in the company rule immune from any administrative sanctions and above all safe for employees. The Consolidated Law on safety at work gives ample space to the management of training courses on safety for workers, in particular, the safety courses are required and […]

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Internet Affiliate Marketing Strategy: Is ‘Autopilot’ Working Without Working?

‘Autopilot’ is short for ‘automatic pilot’. This word has been adopted in Internet marketing strategies to describe “business in a box” models. Let’s understand what autopilot is and isn’t. Look at the associations to some keywords from the first paragraph of the Wikipedia description of ‘autopilot’ that are relevant to Internet affiliate marketing: “An autopilot […]

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